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Logo design for Chinatown Amsterdam

五月 13, 2011

Jenny ask me if i can design a logo for china town amsterdam, and this is the logo before 

it’s kind from I amsterdam logo

As for me, i like it,simple,directly,but  they want to do is add more chinese elements in, but not with the traditional chinese font.

So what i think is make it as chinese  old interior decoration, but used in font and simple way, and  together with amsterdam logo, 3x X ,haha here it is

How do think about it?


Explore interesting shops in Amsterdam-No.1 sweet shop as home

三月 31, 2011

Amsterdam have a lots differences form Hangzhou, Wenzhou or any cities i have been in china, which more interested in me is that shops, I always love  hanging out without any purpose just walking, looking and photographing.

Just a glance, i found a nice shop today, located in central Amsterdam, called “De Tweede Ronde” ( the second round), which make sense it’s secondhand shop. The shop owner  is old lady who lives upstairs.

The lady sitting right there, such a Vermeer painting

Raise the curtain appear so sweet picture

what i really feel as soon as i entered this shop, home atmosphere surround you, it’s more than a shop’s feeling, for me it’s as grandma tastes, maybe because the shop owner is an old lady, she can put her clothes, jewelries, her personal collections  all together.

That’s the simple life in AMSTERDAM, own a shop without purpose of earning money, just a place to show your collections.

1st Anniversary for cooking studio

二月 28, 2011

Poster design for cooking studio.

View from my window

九月 20, 2010

When I can’t sleep, I like to see what happened ouside, and I found it’s amazing ouside at  the deep night~

Life is wonderful~

Recently design

九月 14, 2010

Commercial design about Cooking studio which is to teach you how to cook  Asian food. Nowadays, people who lived in Holland love Asian food, but can not cook by themselves, a cooking lesson is there best choice.

For the poster there is a square in the right side, it is for schedule lessons which is changed for every week. The flyer is for customers to take away, the front side is introduce about  how you can join in the cooking studio and the back side is one of Asian recipe.

The website is


一月 28, 2009

Naomi Wolf “The Beauty Myth”

The Beauty Myth, published in 1991, is a book by Naomi Wolf. It examines beauty as a demand and as a judgement upon women. Subtitled How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women, Wolf examines how modern conceptions of women’s beauty impact the spheres of employment, culture, religion, sexuality, eating disorders, and cosmetic surgery.

Wolf argues that women in Western culture are damaged by the pressure to conform to an idealized concept of female beauty—the Iron Maiden throughout modern society, from Victorian Times to today. She argues that the beauty myth is political, a way of maintaining the patriarchal system. It allows women to enter the labour force, but under controlled conditions. She also claims that this system keeps women under control by the weight of their own insecurities. The beauty myth is sometimes viewed as succeeding The Feminine Mystique, which relegated women to the position of housewife, as the social guard over women. In this sense, Wolf claims that public interest in a woman’s virginity has been replaced by public interest in the shape of her body.

Virginia L. Blum “Flesh Wound”

Interview on American women who have cosmetic surgery, the reason, the feeling~

Ariel  Levy “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture”


Web Design

十月 28, 2008

Thinking about anther face my web looks like, it could be more artistic, modern,as a painting of Piet Mondrian, so it will be like this~~

Or it could be more culture, filled with Chinese elements, so I think about Chinese paper cut, some of the paper cut are  very fashionable~

Talk about fashion, most people will think about fashion show, what kind of fashion show in China looks like? There maybe a fashion show~~